So last week it felt like summer and this week it feels like winter again.  Well, it’s a lot warmer than that, but after last week it feels cold.  I got out my summer dresses (and even got to wear my new Anna Dress that I finished this spring!) and now we’re back to night temperatures in the upper 30s.  The worst part is I need to bring in all my seedlings every night.  Since there are six trays of them plus the three big ones in pots, this is an adventure.  The forecasters are saying this will continue through next week too, so there’s no chance I’m going to get to plant anything early.  I’ll just have to look at pictures of the garden from last summer to console myself…


If I’m lucky though things will warm up next weekend and I’ll be able to plant almost everything the first weekend in May (not this weekend, but next weekend).  I think the tomatoes, marigolds, impatiens, zinnias, ground cherry and probably the peppers will go out next weekend.  The eggplants and the basil are going to have to wait until the week after.  I can still plant a lot of the seeds though, I’m looking forward to planting the beans, squash, corn and cucumbers!  They’ve got nice big seeds so they’re easy to plant generally.

Having all the plants being almost ready to go out makes things feel half finished to me, and I have a hard time leaving things as only ‘almost’ finished.  Therefore it’s really tempting to just stick them all in the ground!  Maybe I’ll cheat a little and plant the marigolds and impatiens this weekend since based on the forecast they’re going to stay out overnight ever night for the next week (starting Saturday night) anyway.  I think I’m going to start hardening off the basil and eggplants this weekend too.  They can’t get planted until the second weekend in May in all likelihood, but at least getting them out of the basement during the day will really cut down on the gnats!  (I will never ever be getting the Miracle Grow seed starting soil again, ever!)

At least since it’s cold it should be easier to focus on sewing and knitting, so I have plenty of indoor distractions.  I’m almost done with my cropped cardigan, and I’ve just stared my “Summer Flies” shawl.  And I have my spring sailboat PJs all cut out and ready to sew together (I even have buttons and remembered to cut out the interfacing!  I’m extra prepared this time!)